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I am MieVee, a Stay-At-Home-Mum who relocated from Singapore to Malaysia. My children are Vee (almost 6-year old), Jae (3-year old), and El (1-year old). I’m passionate about early childhood education and our current plan is to homeschool until Kindergarten (6 years old).

Why I started Mummy’s Homeschool

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been sharing Vee’s developmental updates amongst other parenting topics at Mummy’s Reviews™, which has more than 4,100 email subscribers. Forward-looking, I’d like to keep Mummy’s Reviews™ focused on baby- and toddler-related topics, and product reviews.

For topics related to education and homeschooling, I’d share them here at Mummy’s Homeschool™, which is owned by Veezian Pte. Ltd.

Whether I’m qualified to write about education

The answer is both yes and no. Let’s start with the no first: I’ve no qualification in preschool education. So please bear this in mind when you read any post here. The articles are written based on my personal reading, learning, observation, and practical experience with my children. What I do may not suit you and your children, so do exercise your due diligence.

Then the yes? I was a very successful product of the Singapore education system. Have I found the “secret” to scoring at the top? Maybe. Or perhaps, I’m a perfect fit for the traditional schooling environment.

Anyway, grades shouldn’t be the focus of education. Life isn’t about acing exams and I want my children to have a more well-rounded education. To get out of the rat race. To have big dreams about contributing to the world, and to live those dreams out.

And I’ve done some part-time teaching — in O-level Math and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) course. Delivering a standard lesson in front of the class certainly isn’t the most effective way to teach a large group of teenagers, let alone energetic young children.

How my boys led us to homeschooling

When Vee was 10 months old, I bumped into The Shichida Method. He started class at 14 months old and we’ve been doing home practice ever since. I’ve seen firsthand how amazing “right brain education” is.

Jae and El started even earlier, when they were in the womb, connecting with me through Shichida prenatal education and joining the older brothers in home practice.

In December 2011, I started attending an online Montessori Teacher Training course, and find it an ideal complement to the Shichida Method. As of now, no local preschool is blending right brain education with the Montessori Method, so I’ve got to design my own, at home.

What this blog is about

These are the topics I write on:

  • My thoughts on education
  • Our homeschooling activities from 0-6 years old — mainly based on the right brain and Montessori methods
  • My children’s learning progress
  • Learning resources

Through Mummy’s Homeschool™, I hope to build a community among parents who are passionate about homeschooling or doing after-school activities with their young children.

You are welcome to join Mummy’s Homeschool Club and provide your comments on any post. Thanks for dropping by and let’s raise children with BIG dreams!


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Updated on: 12 December 2014