Our family

Here are the characters you’d read about in Mummy’s Homeschool:

MieVee: Born and bred in Singapore, relocated to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) during first pregnancy. Left career in the finance industry. Work-at-home-mum who loves preschool education and sharing ideas with like-minded parents.

“Hubby” / “Daddy”: Born in Malaysia, educated in Singapore. Very supportive husband and hands-on Daddy who have mastered the art of cloth diapering and babywearing, and can take care of the children after a long day at work.

Vee: Born in Feb 2009, the Bull of the family. Loves music, reading, puzzles and recently aspires to be a pilot.

Jae: Born in Nov 2011, on Mummy’s birthday eve and lunar birthday. Happy and easy-going boy who’s very athletic.

Baby El: Arrived in end Oct 2013!

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Updated on 20 November 2013