Learning Chinese hanyu pinyin

I went through a crash hanyu pinyin self-revision through these two fabulous guidebooks.

They’re published for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia, where all core subjects are taught in Chinese and the language standard is extremely high.

I remember starting to learn hypy only in P4 in Singapore and grasped it rather well. In secondary school, I joined Chinese speech and drama, which means being drilled in pronunciation, enunciation and expression.

Even with the decent foundation, I was truly impressed by these guidebooks.

– The lower primary version covers 变调 (sound variations of the same character).

– The upper primary version covers 变调 in more details and also include 轻声 (I never knew there’re so many variations and things to note!) and 啊 variations (first time I read of the “rules”!)

I’m glad to correct some of my pronunciation errors, so that I can read even more accurately to the kids.

Price: RM8.90 per book (superb value for money)

hanyu pinyin books 2 hanyu pinyin books 3

Where to buy: Major Popular bookstores (I got mine at Ikano Damansara branch)

Note: I suggest using the books to correct pronunciation first and only formally introduce hypy when the child has a strong foundation in CHARACTERS recognition, unless the school syllabus insists on it.

Disclosure: I bought the books for my own reference and have no affiliation to the bookstore or publisher.

Happy teaching and learning!

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