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whole brain development

Teaching children with love and keeping up-to-date with recent research

montessori method

Guiding children following Dr. Maria Montessori's observations that still apply today

accelerated learning

Designing lessons with intention and impact


By happy parents!

Thanks a lot for sharing. You are always my first and preferred consultant on parenting matters.
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Mummy SC, Singapore
I want to say thanks and many thanks for sharing all the valuable information for home schooling. I appreciate your generosity in sharing tools with parents.
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Mummy E.C.
Really great info for me to teach my children. I have 4, therefore we are careful in every cent spent. Your blog and website provide me useful information that I can try some methods mentioned with my kids at home. Thank you so much.
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Areas to Explore

In today’s information age, how do we develop our child’s brains to optimise learning?

What are the Montessori principles that still apply today? What do we need to throw out and reinvent?

How do we design lessons that help our child learn effectively and efficiently?


Learn how to teach your child

Turn daily activities into teachable moments

musical notes cards

Get teaching resources to use at home

Simple materials that any parent can put together at home

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