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[Mental Wellness] Olympics teachable moment (for high-achieving parents & kids)

My family is still under prolonged lockdown, so we’ve been busy watching and learning from the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Mental wellness has been a widely-discussed topic recently after gymnast superstar Simon Biles withdrew from the Olympics.

For more than a year, many families are already experiencing stress from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As high-achieving parents raising children with limitless potential, we need to open up about mental wellness.

Let’s start in a gentle way today. I’ll share first…

My Story

Since my University days, I started experiencing stomachache right before every examination paper. I’d run to the washroom, up to every 5 minutes.

I didn’t feel nervous but my stomach simply wasn’t cooperating.

There were times when I broke down in tears 😭 because I didn’t know if I could walk to the exam hall, let alone sit through a 3-hour paper.

Fortunately, my stomach always returned to normal once I was in the exam hall.

Around 2 years before that, I learnt relaxation and visualisation techniques from my 🏉 sports coach. But I’d never thought of applying them outside sports.

It was only after having my first child and attending education courses that I began applying relaxation / visualisation techniques to various areas in life.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been blending these techniques into my homeschool and workshops.

These techniques are 🔑 key to setting the foundation for mental health and unlocking your child’s limitless potential.

Mental health has to be prioritised in the pursuit of excellence.

3 Simple Steps

Here are 3 simple steps to an Olympics teachable moment on handling nervousness.

Olympics mental wellness kids Step 1 (1)
Olympics mental wellness kids Step 1 (3)

Have you experienced nervousness before? How did you overcome it?

~ Carol @ Owlissimo

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