Molecules model set

[Science] Introduction to atoms & molecules

El (5y6m) has been really into Science recently. Today, he chose the atoms and molecules set from the shelf and asked for a lesson on how to build carbon dioxide. I showed him and then we moved to building water, oxygen and other simple molecules. While we were at the water molecule, he built two …

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Gigo toys

[Educational toys] Gigo Junior Engineer & Story Line

During the final 2 weeks of the school holidays, we were busy visiting Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan. We love getting Taiwan-made educational toys at attractive prices. Today’s post shall introduce you to Gigo Junior Engineer and Story Line series… The children have been enjoying their 3 boxes of Junior Engineer toys for several years. We’ve got …

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Motivating boys to learn (may work for girls too!)

  It’s year-end exam season and a mum asked how to motivate her 7yo son to learn. I usually don’t gender stereotype. That is, my boys are free to love pink, wear pink, play with dolls, doll houses, cooking sets, etc. However, there are commonly observable differences between young boys and girls. Interestingly, I’m from …

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[Science] Exploring travel adaptors

This post is on Science — exploring travel adapters. Vee loves The Young Scientists ® magazine. We’ve been subscribing to it since he was 5.5 years old. Initially we tried the Chinese version (宝宝科学) since he’s learning Science in Chinese at school. However we often had to stop to check the dictionary for technical terms …

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Learning Chinese hanyu pinyin

I went through a crash hanyu pinyin self-revision through these two fabulous guidebooks. They’re published for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia, where all core subjects are taught in Chinese and the language standard is extremely high. I remember starting to learn hypy only in P4 in Singapore and grasped it rather well. In secondary school, …

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My kids go crazy during LNY

I’m apprehensive when the lunar new year approaches because my kids go nuts after watching lion dances and drum performances. Absolutely nuts. 1. They take the Junior Engineer building rods to hit furniture — group drum performance. To protect the furniture, I offer the only drum we have to whoever finishes his homework first. Less …

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