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Halloween Bilingual Square Cover

[Printable] Halloween (万圣节前夜)

Living in Malaysia and sometimes Singapore, our family has friends who celebrate Halloween although we don’t really do so. We were invited to a Halloween party once where little El dressed up as a pumpkin and that was about the experience we had. Nevertheless, the kids spent some time learning about Halloween in English and …

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chinese mid-autumn festival printable cover

[Printable] Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)

After a few weeks of stuffing ourselves with mooncakes, it’s finally Mid-Autumn Festival today! The kids spent some time learning Chinese history and language. We read a story on the Mid-Autumn Festival from the book above. The children have already heard variations of the story over the years. So this year, we focused more on …

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printable flashcards math addition dots product cover

[Math Printable] New Addition Flashcards

Owlissimo’s re-designed Addition Flashcards Printable is here! Complements Singapore Math CPA approach Montessori colour-coded: the colour of dots closely follow Montessori beads for a blended programme Ideal font: specially-designed font for children’s learning materials Lesson plan ideas: flash the cards in various interesting ways over many months Game ideas: play games after flash card sessions for a fun time with your child When …

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how to fold origami boat

[Math & Memory] How to fold origami boats + lesson ideas

Our family loves folding origami and the easiest place to start is the origami boat. Besides presenting this origami boat as a craft project, you have many opportunities to extend it to other areas of learning including memory, mathematics and reading. Read on to find out how… Instructions You may use either a square or …

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