Montessori Printables

These are the printables I created for our Montessori homeschool (primary, 3-6 years old). I respect others’ copyrights, so only files without copyrighted images are shared here.

Language – Chinese

Language – English




More files to be uploaded in future.

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Last updated: 9 July 2020

11 thoughts on “Montessori Printables”

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    1. mievee @

      Hi Celine, for Sandpaper Alphabets:

      – clean hands

      – optional: get a mat, put on table

      – get Sandpaper Alphabets from shelf

      – Show child 1 alphabet, say the sound. (Note that “x” is not initial sound, and is pronounced as “ks”)

      – use index and middle finger to trace letter gently

      – place on mat

      – choose another 2-3 alphabets and repeat above

      – return cards to box

      – return box to shelf

      – invite child to try

      Sandpaper numerals are introduced similarly.

      These materials are also used as references when the child is learning to read and write.

  2. Hello mummy.. my 2.5yr old toddler goes to a Montessori school and I too, am a big fan of the Montessori method. I’m seriously considering taking up a course in MMI here in Singapore but it is so expensive! Can I know what Montessori online teaching course did you attend and if the certification is recognised?

    Thank you so much for your help in advance =D

  3. Btw combining shichida method with the Montessori method is something quite refreshing to me. I have heard of the Shichida method but haven’t really done much research on it. Will read up more on it. Thanks!

    1. mievee @

      Hi Liyi, for newborn baby, right brain education (such as Shichida) consists of;
      – showering him with love and touch
      – showing him how to relax and breathe
      – flashing beautiful picture cards and saying the names out
      – reading and speed reading
      – playing senses & memory games, etc.

      Montessori means:
      I use a lot of Montessori concepts such as a freedom of movement and choice when carrying out the right brain activities.

      I also offer Montessori activities to let the child develop all his senses well.

      For more details, you may explore my workshops at Owlissimo

      All the best! 🙂

  4. nurafni aridhona

    hi mom, thanks for sharing..i want to ask you, for hundred and thousand cube what size of paper you use to make the DIY?thank you for your helped

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