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[Printable] Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)

After a few weeks of stuffing ourselves with mooncakes, it’s finally Mid-Autumn Festival today!

The kids spent some time learning Chinese history and language.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival flashcards printable

We read a story on the Mid-Autumn Festival from the book above.

The children have already heard variations of the story over the years. So this year, we focused more on reading words.

I selected key phrases from the story and made a set of bilingual word flashcards. These are smaller cards (1/8 A4) designed for children learning to read. You’ll get the free printable below.

As a control of error for Chinese reading, there’s Hanyu Pinyin behind each card.

See both sides of the cards in the photo below…

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival flashcards printable 2

Little El (almost 7 years old) is in a writing phase, so he initiated copying of each new phrase into his notebook.

chinese mid-autumn festival flashcards printable

And of course, the kids love watching Daddy light the candles for their paper lanterns…

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival light lantern

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, they’re unable to carry lanterns with other kids in the neighbourhood.

We actually carried lanterns on the eve of Mid-Autumn, so there wasn’t other children around.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival carry lantern

It was cloudy, and we managed to catch a glimpse of the bright and nearly-full moon.

Since nobody’s lantern was burnt accidentally, eldest Vee experimented with letting his catch a small fire.

Is it a boy thing? I’d never have let my beautiful lantern catch fire on purpose!

Materials & Preparation

  • Printable (download below): print double-side
  • White/coloured A4 paper or card stock x 2 pieces

Control of Error

  • Turn behind to check the Hanyu Pinyin and translation.

Other Activities

These were other activities to try:

  • Make mooncakes
  • Eat mooncakes (of course!)
  • Drink tea
  • Answer Chinese riddles (猜灯谜)
  • Make lanterns
  • Decorate the house with lanterns
  • Carry lanterns
  • Reunion dinner

Download Free Printable

Download your free printable here

>>> Printable Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 flashcards (PDF, 77KB)

Happy teaching and learning Chinese!

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