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[Math Printable] New Addition Flashcards

Owlissimo’s re-designed Addition Flashcards Printable is here!

  • Complements Singapore Math CPA approach
  • Montessori colour-coded: the colour of dots closely follow Montessori beads for a blended programme
  • Ideal font: specially-designed font for children’s learning materials
  • Lesson plan ideas: flash the cards in various interesting ways over many months
  • Game ideas: play games after flash card sessions for a fun time with your child

When my children were babies or toddlers, I started showing them math flashcards, which include Addition flashcards.

Besides flashcards, we also played many games to build number sense.

At around 5 years old, they could do simple mental addition with ease and progressed well to Montessori Math, Singapore Math and eventually Math Olympiad.

They’re in primary school now. Looking back, if I were to do it all over again, I’d still show them math flashcards from young.

Assuming flashing 1 card per second, it takes only 20 seconds to show 20 cards. a day.

Designed for impact

1. Complements Singapore Math CPA approach

CPA means Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract. This approach allows the child to understand the concept deeply.

These Addition Flashcards include the Pictorial and Abstract part of the approach, which build upon the concrete math manipulatives that you use to teach your child addition.

2. The right size

When printed on A5 cards, each dot is designed to be 1cm in diameter. Just the right size to be seen clearly by young children.

The dots are also carefully spaced out.

With a maximum of 19 dots, these cards can be printed on A5 cards.

Save paper and space.

3. Montessori colour code

printable flashcards math addition montessori colours

In this updated version of Addition Flashcards, the dots closely follow the colours of Montessori beads.

This complements any Montessori Math activity that you may do with your child.

The exception is that yellow (for 3) has been replaced with light orange because yellow cannot be seen clearly against the white background when flashed at high speed.

4. The ideal font – Owl Handwriting 7

For years, we have been unable to find the “perfect” font for creating learning materials for our children.

Finally, we’ve created our own font — Owl Handwriting 7!

It has a straight “1” and straight “9”, exactly how we teach our children to write.

This font has been edited numerous times based on feedback from our children.

Why 7?

Because we’re such perfectionists that this is the 7th version before it’s published!

The printable is now available at our online store.

Check it out below.

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