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[Memory] Note-taking skill

In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus published his famous forgetting curve — we tend to start forgetting what we learn within twenty minutes, and the loss is significant through the first hour 🕐. To retain the information, effective note-taking and regular revision of notes are critical. I believe investing the time and effort to create excellent notes …

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[Memorisation Kit] An example using Chinese poem

According to Harvard Business Review, these are the benefits of poetry for professionals: 1. Systems thinking: simplify complex topics to better communicate it to others2. Develop empathy3. Develop creativity4. Infuse life with beauty and meaning “The precision of poetry teaches greater sensitivity to language, which frequent readers of poetry carry into their own writing and …

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[Memory] Boost memory with this special technique

Vee is 10 years old and has much more to learn and remember across various subjects. At this age, he also needs to build a voluminous vocabulary in order to read higher-level texts and write well. Recently, a good friend and I found out about memorisation sets, which likely originated from Japan. How it works …

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