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[Math & Craft] Easy Banners for Kids

Here’s an easy Math craft activity! During Halloween, Little El wanted to make banners, so nerdy-me immediately thought of all the math that would be involved.

Of course, you can change the colours to fit any theme you like.

The best part is that it takes only about 15 minutes.

And minimal mess to clean up.

Sounds perfect, right?

You’ll only need two pieces of A4 paper, some twine, masking tape and poster putty.

Measure the width of the paper.

Divide it by 2 to find the mid-point.

For a younger child, use trial and error to find half the width.

Join the upper corners to the mid-point.

Cut to get 3 isosceles triangles.

Halloween math banner draw cut

Each piece of paper yields 3 triangles.

So that’s 6 triangles in total.

Arrange in an A-B-A-B pattern.

Measure the width of your room door.

Add 10 cm to it. (Assume you get 90cm.)

Measure and cut a piece of twine of that length (i.e. 90cm).

Halloween math banner measure

Fold a bit off the top of each triangle.

Wrap around the twine and stick it with masking tape.

Halloween math banner stick

Hang it up with poster putty.

All done!

Halloween math banner

We love finding and applying math in simple everyday activities.

Have fun!

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