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chinese mid-autumn festival printable cover

[Printable] Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)

After a few weeks of stuffing ourselves with mooncakes, it’s finally Mid-Autumn Festival today! The kids spent some time learning Chinese history and language. We read a story on the Mid-Autumn Festival from the book above. The children have already heard variations of the story over the years. So this year, we focused more on …

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printable learn chinese reading radical stone cover 石部首

[Printable] Chinese Radical 石 activities

Here are more ways to bring Chinese reading alive, while learning the 石部首 (shí bùshǒu, radical of “stone”). Since 石 means stone, we worked with many little stones in a Montessori way. To save you time researching, you’ll be able to download the printables later. All you need to do is to write the words …

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chinese printable zou zi di puzzle cover 走字底

[Printable] Chinese Radical 辶 (走字底)

Little El is learning to read Chinese and has been mixing up Chinese characters of the radical 辶 (走字底 zǒu zì dǐ). So I made a Montessori-style printable puzzle to help him remember better. It’s very simple… Puzzles pieces… Show the components of each character, spot the differences… Control of error behind each puzzle… Materials …

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[Language] Making spelling revision fun

7yo Vee has 3-4 spelling “tests” covering 3 languages every week. He’s attending a Chinese school in Malaysia. I usually try to make the revision sessions quick, fun and effective. I’ve covered some ideas in my Intermediate workshops. Today I added a new idea, inspired by Montessori’s Pink Secrets: copy the words onto (recycled) slips …

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[Flashcards] Which printer saves LOTSA time & money?

[Update] Please refer to the latest printer and paper recommendation at this post:[Flashcards] What Printer & Paper to Choose I’ve found a way to print flashcards and materials while saving LOTSA time and money. This is a common question that mummies at the recent home practice intensive workshops* asked, so here’re the details for all …

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