[Reading] Fun memory game created by Jae

We love playing memory games and Jae (5y3m) just created a new version that may thrill your little one while he’s learning to read.

The Progressive Phonics free printables include memory game cards to help in remembering the words through a fun way. Usually, I’d arrange the cards in neat rows and columns, which is much easier for *eh hem* me to remember. (It’s quite taxing on my brains to play games with energetic young people for hours each day.)

Today, I went for a quick toilet break and asked Jae to arrange the cards. He surprised me by arranging the cards into the picture of a camel. For the next game, he created a picture of a lion (shown above). Such fun!

He was happy to play a few rounds,  after which he was already familiar with the words and could read them in the booklet.

This game would work with word cards of any language. Just print (or write) two sets of the same cards and have fun playing!

~ MieVee

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