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  • IXL: We subscribed to the Singapore edition for Language Arts for about 1 year.
  • Playful Writing: A teacher’s handbook published by the University of Cambridge on how to integrate LEGO-building with creative writing. Find the link to the handbook at the end of the Introduction.


  • LINE Dictionary: I like to use this free Chinese-English dictionary with search via handwriting or hanyu pinyin. Strokes order and audio pronunciation are also provided.


  • IXL: Very thorough math practice, like assessment books on iPad. Vee and Jae used the Singapore math editions for about 2 years. They practised for about 2 hours a week from around 5 years old and were able to accelerate 2 grades. They sometimes used math manipulatives or flash cards while practising. Eventually they got the momentum of doing math practice and decided to stick with physical workbooks.
  • Fractions App: By The Math Learning Center
  • Sg Mathematical Modelling


  • SuperCharged Science: Friend’s comment, “This is a really cool step-by-step guidebook that shows kids how to build some pretty cool things. The teacher, Aurora Lipper, is a former NASA rocket scientist who now teaches science to kids.”

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