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[Printable] Tracking child’s learning progress

For almost 7 years, I’ve been spending a few minutes daily tracking each child’s learning progress using clipboards and a personalised template. This comes up to less than 15 minutes for 3 children and the Daddy often jokes that I look like a doctor taking patient notes. I first learnt to do this from Karen …

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[Activities] 10 Things We Did During The Haze

Ever since the haze worsened last week, Jae has been having a slight yet persistent cough, so I’ve been voluntarily keeping the older kids away from school. So it’s homeschool time for 3 kids again. What are some things we’ve been doing? Simple Science experiments & math demonstrations following the school textbook topics on mass, …

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[Idea] Kids play peacefully when mum showers

Homeschooling means the kids are stuck with me the entire day, so I need to be creative in managing them. Here’s how I get my post-exercise morning shower done in peace… Mum: Children, mummy is going to shower now. El, please come into the room. I’d be locking up for a while. Jae, please play …

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[Mindfulness & Meditation] What Parents Must Know

For years, my children and I have been practising some forms of meditation in a science-based non-religious way. Recent scientific studies are confirming the benefits, something that all parents and teachers must know. Mindfulness vs Meditation To clear things up, this is a brief explanation of mindfulness and meditation, which are different: Mindfulness: an awareness …

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[Practical Life] Baking cheese sticks

Today, Jae (5y4m) and El (3y3m) helped to prepare their snacks: wholemeal cheese sticks. The recipe is from Right from the Start written by my good friend, Daisy Ng. It happened that I bought too many packs of frozen Kawan parathas by mistake, and have almost all the ingredients on hand, so this recipe was …

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[Montessori] Learning about flowers & more

During my morning walk with hubby today, I collected two fallen flowers. Once home, I quickly dug out the printable saved in my laptop for a long time. (Sorry, I could’t trace the author for this set. You may download a fabulous set at The Helpful Garden here)  Jae looked up the flower samples from …

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[Homeschool] Long weekend fun

Yesterday was Ching Ming Festival school holiday, which meant another long and meaningful weekend with the kids. explained the meaning of the festival brought 7yo Vee to watch a piano-and-strings concert for the first time. Richard Clayderman delivered a fabulous performance and has inspired Vee to keep practising. completed Vee’s origami cat bookmark project showed …

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[Concentration] Child keeping self occupied while waiting

Since many parents have concerns about their children’s concentration span, here’s one simple illustration of how a child is able to focus on his own work. After our mini reno, our living room has become bare — no sofa and no coffee table. So we attended a furniture fair to shop for something suitable. While …

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