chinese printable zou zi di puzzle cover 走字底

[Printable] Chinese Radical 辶 (走字底)

Little El is learning to read Chinese and has been mixing up Chinese characters of the radical 辶 (走字底 zǒu zì dǐ).

So I made a Montessori-style printable puzzle to help him remember better.

It’s very simple…

Puzzles pieces…

Show the components of each character, spot the differences…

Control of error behind each puzzle…

Materials & Preparation

  • Printable (download below): print double-side
  • White or coloured paper x 1 piece
  • Cut each character such that the radical is separated
  • Control of error: Differ the cutting strokes so that each puzzle piece is unique


  1. Choose one character. Show it to the child and read it.
  2. Separate the puzzle into its 2 components and read them.
  3. Join them again and read the character.
  4. Flip it behind to check the pronunciation in hanyu pinyin.
  5. Choose another character to read.
  6. Invite the child to try.


  1. Shuffle the puzzle pieces. Then piece them together and read.

Control of Error

  1. Puzzle pieces match. Turn behind to check the hanyu pinyin.

Download the printable here

>>> Chinese 走字底 zou zi di puzzle (PDF, 50KB)

Happy teaching and learning Chinese!

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