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[Printable] Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)

It’s Dragon Boat Festival today, so we took the opportunity to explore Chinese history and language.

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We read a story on the Dragon Boat Festival from the book above.

Since the main character Qu Yuan took his life by jumping into a river, you may wish to read this to a child who is mature enough to understand the importance of treasuring one’s life.

I read the story separately twice — once to my younger 7- and 9-year olds, and once to my 11-year old. This is so that we could have different depths of discussion and follow-up language activities.

I selected key phrases from the story and made a set of word flashcards. These are smaller cards (1/8 A4) designed for older children learning to read. You’ll get the free printable below.

As a control of error, there’s Hanyu Pinyin behind each card.

Feel free to add your own explanation or translation in the blank space.

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Materials & Preparation

  • Printable (download below): print double-side
  • White/coloured A4 paper or card stock x 3 pieces

Control of Error

  • Turn behind to check the Hanyu Pinyin.

Other Activities

These were the other activities we did:

  • Eat rice dumplings (of course!)
  • Watch a video clip of a Dragon Boat Competition World Cup
  • Watch a short music video of a song on the festival + sing-a-long

Download Free Printable

Download your free printable here

>>> Printable Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 flashcards (PDF, 76KB)

Happy teaching and learning Chinese!

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