Home Practice Learning Materials & Books (3+ to 6 years old)

Below are some of the home practice learning materials for teaching children from age 3+ to 6 years old.

We blend “right brain” and Montessori methods to achieve optimal learning outcome. That is, “right brain” materials can be used in a more Montessori way, and Montessori materials can also be used in a more “right brain” way. To find out how, you may join my online workshop here*.

I started reading and speed-reading the books to my babies when they were little so that they could get the flow of language. At around 3 years old, they started reciting the stories.

We’ve personally used the materials mentioned below except:

    • “Base ten set”, where we used Montessori beads instead
    • Floppy’s Phonics, where we used the previous edition

The list is non-exhaustive and would be updated over time.

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Where to get




Electronic countdown timer

  • Smartphone function

  • Major stationery store



Memory game cards

  • Home-made

  • Owlissimo: 150 Right Brain Game Cards*

    • 0-3 years old: 1 set

    • 3 years old & above (when child can arrange cards): 2 sets for a big variety of memory games



Singapore Math textbooks & workbooks

  • Marshall Cavendish: My Pals are Here or Shaping Maths

Link cubes




Base ten set


Chips (minimum 100)

Partially abstract

– Substitute for Montessori stamp game

– When familiar with link cubes and base ten set, move to labelled chips

– Write 1, 10, 100, 1000 on chips

– Demonstrate place value operations

Printable manipulatives / math cards

Pictorial / abstract

  • Our blog’s Resources page & mailing list

  • Our shop: Owlissimo.com*


English Language



Picture books for reading (synthetic phonics), speed reading & recitation


  • Progressive Phonics (based on U.S. English): download the entire programme for FREE here: ProgressivePhonics.com

    • Note: If you use British instead of American English, just mention the slight spelling differences to the child.)

English language / language arts

From Grade 2 onwards:

Printable manipulatives / word cards

  • Our blog’s Resources page & mailing list

  • Our shop: Owlissimo.com*

Chinese Language



Picture books for reading, speed reading & recitation

  • Odonata preschool books (红蜻蜓幼儿学前计划):

    • Recommended: At least first and second 100 words (8 books each & flashcards)

    • Singapore & international: Owlissimo.com* (Send direct message)


Printable manipulatives / word cards

  • Our blog’s Resources page & mailing list

  • Our shop: Owlissimo.com*

Malay Language



Picture books for reading, speed reading & recitation

  • Seronoknya Membaca! by Pelangi:

    • Malaysia: Kunci 1 (6 books)

    • Malaysia: Kunci 2 (6 books)

    • Malaysia: Kunci 3 (6 books)

Printable manipulatives / word cards

Character-Building & Values




Learning Environment

More Favourite Beginner Books & Materials

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Updated on 24 August 2020

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