Reference Books for Children

Here is another reading list filled with our favourite reference books to keep the passion of learning burning while building encyclopaedic knowledge.

You’d find quite a number of books by DK, my favourite publisher of children reference books because they are well laid out with clear photographs, just right for emerging readers and adults like me who are highly visual.




Many parents have asked me about Singapore math books. I highly recommend My Pals are Here series by Marshall Cavendish. Each textbook comes with an accompanying workbook (or also known as activity book or homework book). The series run from 1A and 1B to 6A and 6B.

If My Pals are Here is not available, then we have used Shaping Maths, also published by Marshall Cavendish.

By the end of the series, the child will be ready to move to algebra and high school math.

Science – Astronomy

Science – Chemistry

These two books are my favourites in our reference section. Why? They’re simply gorgeous!

Science – Zoology

Famous People



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Updated on 16 January 2020

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