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[Math] Achievement through patterning skills

Research has found that preschoolers’ ability to spot mathematical patterns can predict mathematical achievement at a later age, more than other math and non-math skills. (Rittle-Johnson et. al, 2016) Recently, El (5y11m) enjoys solving math puzzles. We use the same gorgeous Casco books that the older kids have used before. The kids write their solutions in …

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[Activities] 10 Things We Did During The Haze

Ever since the haze worsened last week, Jae has been having a slight yet persistent cough, so I’ve been voluntarily keeping the older kids away from school. So it’s homeschool time for 3 kids again. What are some things we’ve been doing? Simple Science experiments & math demonstrations following the school textbook topics on mass, …

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[Math] Solving real math problems again

The kids’ favourite festival, Lunar New Year, is approaching real soon and they’re getting crazy over lion dance, dragon dance and drums again. When a child is motivated to figure out something that matters to him, he’d be hungry to learn. No need for any worksheets, assessment books or tests. We happened to be at …

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[Math] Solving REAL math problems

Since attending Primary 1, Vee has little time for home practice. Nevertheless, learning takes place anytime anywhere, so here’s how he got to solve 3 real math problems yesterday: 1. Me (on the way home): “How much water did you drink today?” Vee: “2 and a half bottles!” Me: “Wow, let’s find out how much …

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