Learning through recycling

Today’s post is on the lessons we can touch on while doing recycling. I like the flow of how unschooling at times turn out.

Vee’s primary school has an ongoing recycling project, so we’d collect old newspapers and magazines regularly before dropping them off at school.

This morning, we’d a huge stack of The Edge papers from hubby’s office.

Lesson #1: Privacy protection (practical life)

I showed the children how to tear off the name and address label.

Jae: Why do we need to do this?

Me: There’s Daddy’s name and address on the label. These are private information that we only share with people who really need to know them, not just for any stranger.

Jae: Then why is there a label?

Me: It’s to let the postman know where and whom to deliver the papers.

After that, Jae and El were happy to help tear off most of the labels until they were tired.

Lesson #2: Environmental protection and food chain (science)

Jae: Why do we need to recycle the papers?


What happens if we chop off all the trees to make paper?

I explained briefly on trees giving out oxygen in the day and asked him rhetorical questions such as:

  • What if there’re no more trees to give out the oxygen we need?
  • What if there’re insufficient plants? (Herbivores will die.)
  • What if herbivores die? (Carnivores will die.)

He was able to link it to the food chain and the theory of how dinosaurs became extinct.

Lesson #3: Tying a parcel (practical life)

I used thick yarn to tie the stack of papers, showing them the reef knot and ending with a bow.

Jae wanted to carry the parcel, but I warned him that it’s too heavy and would injure his back. (Another lesson on back care.)

Lesson #4: Measurements (math)

As part of the project, we need to measure the height of the papers collected.

We used a ruler and measuring tape.

He’s really into measurements now, so went off to measure many objects in the house, including his body parts.

He also continued to tabulate the data in an exercise book.

These are times when I totally relish the experience of homeschooling with some unschooling elements. The learning is very natural and the child is completely engaged in the process.

May you have a wonderful day too!

~ MieVee

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