[Science] Exploring travel adaptors

This post is on Science — exploring travel adapters.

Vee loves The Young Scientists ® magazine. We’ve been subscribing to it since he was 5.5 years old. Initially we tried the Chinese version (宝宝科学) since he’s learning Science in Chinese at school. However we often had to stop to check the dictionary for technical terms and he couldn’t read it independently.

Then we swopped to the original English version, which is slightly higher prices yet so much easier on him (and me!).

The current issue (162, 1610 Level 1) covers a topic on “Travel Adaptors”. He’s intrigued because he’s seen us use them when overseas.


I promptly brought out our three travel adaptors, laid them on a rug, and demonstrated how they corresponded to each socket type shown in the magazine.

When Vee was exploring the adaptors,  I told him Daddy, the ex-electrical & electronics engineer, would be able to explain the details better than me. Then he asked, “Did Daddy invent these?” Erm… no…

Speech confidence through videos

In an attempt to beef up his speech confidence, I offered to take a video of him demonstrating the adaptors. He tensed up immediately and agreed when I said he could remain silent, just demonstrate with his hands.

He used to be very confident when I took videos of him reciting, singing or narrating. Then somewhere along the line, he grew more self-conscious. At the same time, I’d two more babies and less time to take his videos. So it’s time to rebuild his screen confidence again.

Here’s his simple video:

Another interesting adaptor:

It’s school exam week and we’re eager for it to end so that we can explore more homeschooling activities.

Have a great day!

~ MieVee

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