practical life

montessori pestle & mortar

[Practical Life] Baking cheese sticks

by mievee @ on February 16, 2017

lunar new year homeschooling activities

[Learning Activities] Lunar New Year 2017

by mievee @ on January 20, 2017

school holiday activities

School holiday activities

by mievee @ on December 11, 2016

learning through recycling

Learning through recycling

by mievee @ on October 19, 2016

montessori practical life pack luggage

[Montessori Practical Life] Packing luggage

by mievee @ on March 14, 2016

sand play

Toddler sand play, cutting, etc.

by mievee @ on March 2, 2016

jae chopsticks

[Montessori] Learning to use the chopsticks

by mievee @ on January 21, 2016

montessori baking with toddler

What toddler El learns during baking

by mievee @ on January 18, 2016

montessori practical life wash shoes

Raising responsible kids

by mievee @ on January 9, 2016

kids tidy up, no nagging needed

How to get kids to tidy up. No nagging needed.

by mievee @ on October 23, 2015