[Montessori] Learning to use the chopsticks

We’d noodles for lunch and Jae (4y2m) requested to use chopsticks.

Some time back, I guided him once. He needed more time to be ready, so we didn’t revisit the activity.

Today, his spontaneous request surprised me, given that he was rather cranky just before lunch. I took out the junior chopsticks and guided him again.

Soon after, he got the hang of it and was able to eat his noodles with chopsticks.

During dinner, he asked to eat with chopsticks as well.

Once again, I saw what Dr. Maria Montessori observed in young children. When the child is ready, he displays spontaneity and picks up the skill with ease. All the adult has to do is to observe and give the right support at the right moment.

(Almost 3 years back, Vee went through this exact chopsticks phase.)

From the bottom of my heart, I hope that all educators will respect children’s natural development and not impose a cookie-cutter system onto them.

They’ll blossom when they’re ready.


~ MieVee

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