[IQ math] with chopsticks

Years ago, I bought 5 packs of wooden chopsticks from Daiso as math manipulatives.

Today I challenged Vee to solve IQ math using chopsticks arrangements. E.g. 12 sticks form 4 squares in the picture. How to move 4 sticks to form 3 squares?

(In puzzle books, toothpicks are commonly used. But I find chopsticks much safer.)

After solving, we moved to forming shapes and pictures.

iq math chopsticks 2

He wondered how to use equilateral triangles to make squares, and was eventually convinced that this is impossible.

By this time, Jae woke up and joined in, creating his own design.

iq math chopsticks 3

Simple tool, loads of fun learning. Happy weekend!


~ MieVee

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