[4yo writing] Tips to tackle homework

#2 Jae is 4y2m old and in a Chinese school K1 class.

Every day, he gets a small page of writing homework. Though I’m not a fan of writing homework for little children, we just have to go along and I try to make things as easy as possible.

Prior to this year, Jae has already completed a range of pre-writing activities, including colouring, at his own spontaneity.

Step 1: Prepare thick triangular pencils for a better grip

Step 2: Tracing

writing tips tracing

A4 recycled paper, divide into 6 large boxes.

Write the character with yellow / orange marker pen.

Use a pencil to put an obvious DOT at the starting point.

Let the child trace the character with dark-coloured marker pen or pencil.

Be positive. If you need to give comments, make sure it’s positive and encouraging. (Without over-praising.)


Step 3: Writing in large boxes

writing tips big squares

A4 paper, divided into 6 large boxes.

Jae REQUESTS to complete Steps 2 & 3 before tackling the writing homework.

Step 4: Writing in smaller boxes

writing tips small box

After the “warm up” activities above, it’s much easier for Jae write in the smaller squares.

Sometimes, he gets frustrated when the characters don’t turn out nice and he has to re-do it.

Step 5: Breaks

When he shows signs of tiredness, I suggest that he rests and do hand exercises.

We’d play simple finger stretches and games.

He also asks to use the WePlay squeeze rings, which come in 3 degrees of stiffness.

writing tips weplay squeeze rings

After a break, he goes back to writing.

That’s it… Happy writing!


~ MieVee

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