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[Math] Achievement through patterning skills

Research has found that preschoolers’ ability to spot mathematical patterns can predict mathematical achievement at a later age, more than other math and non-math skills. (Rittle-Johnson et. al, 2016) Recently, El (5y11m) enjoys solving math puzzles. We use the same gorgeous Casco books that the older kids have used before. The kids write their solutions in …

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Simple brain-building activities

Though KL Chinese schools are on one week lunar new year holidays, my kids start homeschool lessons today cos they have a Singaporean mum. (SG only gets 2 days off!) The family’s down with diarrhoea, so we’re doing light activities: – Malay lesson with Cikgu. This week’s play segment (last 15min) is “Five Stones” (Batu …

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