Simple brain-building activities

Though KL Chinese schools are on one week lunar new year holidays, my kids start homeschool lessons today cos they have a Singaporean mum. (SG only gets 2 days off!)

The family’s down with diarrhoea, so we’re doing light activities:

Malay lesson with Cikgu. This week’s play segment (last 15min) is “Five Stones” (Batu Seremban). I was crazy over this game during primary school!

– mum & kids cuddle up in bed to read and speed read many books until lunch time

– when the little ones nap, 7yo Vee completes the entire booklet of “The Hero Saves a Beauty” puzzles by himself

– Vee tried out inverted writing and we’d an amusing time

inverted writing

Flipping the writing back to check…

inverted writing check

– He then tried mirror writing

mirror writing

Both activities let him practise rotating / flipping an image in his mind, building 2D spatial intelligence.

– played tic-tac-toe

– played crossing out sticks (whoever leaves the opponent with the last stick wins)

– played hangman (practise spelling)

(Above 5 activities only need a whiteboard, 2 marker pens and duster. Suitable to play on-the-go too.)

– friends came over for LNY visiting, so the kids played together

– outdoor cycling and play

Phew… What a fulfilling and fun day despite our mini-illness… Enjoy your week too!

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