iq blocks

Simple brain-building activities

Though KL Chinese schools are on one week lunar new year holidays, my kids start homeschool lessons today cos they have a Singaporean mum. (SG only gets 2 days off!) The family’s down with diarrhoea, so we’re doing light activities: – Malay lesson with Cikgu. This week’s play segment (last 15min) is “Five Stones” (Batu …

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Ideas on playing IQ blocks with toddlers

When parents ask me about the “best” toys to get for their little children, I recommend blocks and other constructions toys, for endless possibilities of play. Construction toys may help children develop: motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, a capacity for creative, divergent thinking, social skills, and language skills. (Source: Parenting Science) Recently, a mummy needed ideas …

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