What toddler El learns during baking

When the older kids are in school, 2+yo El helps me to bake and here’s what we can touch on during the sessions:

– names of various ingredients and tools

– measuring (e.g. 1 1/4 cup of milk)

– numerals (e.g. Numbers on measuring cup: 50, 100, 150…)

– quantity by sight / counting (e.g. 3 eggs)

– shapes (e.g. of the mould / tray / muffins)

– wearing apron

– stirring

– pouring

– scooping

– time (how many minutes)

– temperature: hot, cold, degrees

– cleaning up: wiping the floor / table

– senses: colour, smell and taste of ingredients and end-product

– nutrition

A big range of lessons in Montessori Practical Life, Sensorial, math and language involved.

No lesson plan needed. Just go with the flow of the day’s recipe and the child’s questions / comments.

Happy baking and schooling!


~ MieVee

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