Egg science & math

A fellow mummy gave me half a tray of kampung eggs. The hospitality among Malaysians is amazing!

Anyway, the eggs sparked off some rather interesting conversations & learning:

– our commercially-farmed eggs (on the left) are brown; the kampung eggs are pale. Why?!?

– the kampung eggs are taller than our regular eggs. Why?!?

inside of kampung egg

– the kampung eggs yolk is a beautiful orangey-yellow. Wow and why?!?

– Vee, with super-sensitive taste buds, declared kampung eggs tasting a lot better. Why?!?

– Aunt bought a tray of 30 eggs (6 x 5). She gave us 15 (3 x 5). What proportion is that?

15/30 = 1/2

– We talked about the life style of the chickens: free range kampung ones (running about Iike Vee after school and being very fit); versus commercially farmed ones (little exercise and being fattened up)

– Vee commented that “kampung eggs are more nutritious, but they’re more expensive”. I was surprised because we haven’t talked about the price differences.

He’d formed an observation that nutritious food are generally more expensive.

I gave him more possibilities to think about:
– there’re nutritious food that are affordably-priced

– there’re expensive food that aren’t nutritious

Science and math are all around us. We just have to bring the relevance to our kids at such moments and they’d enjoy learning.

And the best part of such unschooling moments — no lesson plan, just chit chat and inspire the child to question and think.

Have fun!


~ MieVee

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