Raising responsible kids

I remember scrubbing my school shoes as a student. On Fridays, my mum often wondered if I ever walked in school because my shoes were almost sparkling clean.

Raising little boys, I know they’d be much more active and fun-loving than I was. Still, I set a rule months ago that Vee would be washing his school shoes. And he has been mentally-prepared.

1. This task is definitely age-appropriate.

2. It’d let him think twice before getting his shoes dirty. If he thinks the fun is worth it, fine, just scrub harder on Friday.

3. I’m not going to be around to clean up after him forever, so he’d better learn to clean up from young, while the messes are small and manageable.

4. Instilling pride in one’s hard work: wearing shoes (on Mondays) that you know you scrubbed clean by yourself.

5. Although we have a domestic helper, I don’t find it appropriate that my child gets his shoes ultra-dirty and let her scrub them every week.

6. Someday, I’ll have 3 primary school kids, and I’m not going to be scrubbing 3 pairs of ultra-dirty shoes every week and feeling grumpy over it. By setting things right from the start, it’s much easier to guide the younger ones.

So here he goes… Scrubbing his shoes from week #1.


~ MieVee

P.S. This activity would fall under Montessori Practical Life.

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