A day’s challenges with 3 kids

Though I like to share positive things we do at home, it doesn’t mean life is rosy with 3 kids.

Quite the opposite.

Every day, I’m trying hard to guide each of them towards the right direction.

2+yo El

Recently he’s getting very active. If he feels provoked by his elder brothers, he’d whack them with whatever he’s holding or smack them.

Fine, it seems like survival mode being turned on.

#1: I remind the older ones NOT to scare him (or anyone) deliberately. Especially when he’s holding something!

Be nice or leave him alone.

Be careful and block when he (or someone) is going to attack.

#2: I remind the little one to be gentle, and come to me for help.

#3: If I can’t be watching all three, then I separate one of them to play independently.

4+yo Jae

He’s been unwilling to let us drop him off at school from the car. One parent needs to walk him to his seat and then escape.

Today I tried something new — wait for his first friend at the entrance. He was happy to hold his friend’s hand and walk in without me! Yippie!

Almost 7yo Vee

Put his school book under school desk, as per teacher’s instructions. Couldn’t find it after recess. Sigh, some explanation to do. And got to replace the book.

So you see… Our life is full of little bumps every day. Just got to think positive and solve each problem one by one.

Some day, the kids will be all grown up and solve their own problems.


~ MieVee

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