[2016] Day #4 of school

Day #4 of school

2+yo El plays happily by himself at home when the older ones are in school.

Guess he’s enjoying the much-needed peace and 1-to-1 mummy attention after 2 years!

He was engrossed in building and playing with this “garang guni” truck for 45 minutes. What a joy to observe his concentration span.

When he’s satisfied with playing, we have a morning snack and move to right brain home practice. Typically some senses games / eye training / memory games / flashcards / music / speed reading.

Then it’s back to playing again.

– The older boys are settled rather well in school.

4+yo Jae: because I offer him various play slots, he’s very motivated to be efficient. E.g. Finish lunch in 15min so that he can play with Playdoh for 20min while I attend to El.

I like to teach little kids time awareness and time management skills, and I’m glad this is catching on to Jae too.

~ MieVee

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