[2016] First week of school

Day #2 of school

– Vee P1: I just dropped him in school, confident he’d manage. Picked him up a bit later to avoid the chaotic jam. He was waiting patiently, having finished his pre-lunch snack.

– Jae K1: Dropped him in school too. In fact, we did so for even Day 1, cos he’s the independent type. I trust a mummy friend and the teachers to look out for him. He cried a wee bit. Settled down once singing and dancing started.

Day #3

– Vee P1: likes teacher, made friends, eager to join CCA.

– Jae K1: teacher changed sitting arrangement, away from his first¬†friend. No wonder he refused to leave the car. I walked him in, passed him to teacher, assured him I’d be back after school, said I needed to check on the parking and escaped.

No crying, probably just grumpy.

Once home, I let them play and exercise as much as possible to balance things up.

Since they’ve been sleeping at ~8pm, waking up at 6+am is very easy.

All the best for Day #4!


~ MieVee

P.S. Yes, we do a mix of both school and homeschool through the year, so the kids get the best exposure of both worlds.

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