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[Educational toys] Gigo Junior Engineer & Story Line

During the final 2 weeks of the school holidays, we were busy visiting Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan. We love getting Taiwan-made educational toys at attractive prices. Today’s post shall introduce you to Gigo Junior Engineer and Story Line series… The children have been enjoying their 3 boxes of Junior Engineer toys for several years. We’ve got …

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Right brain education: pretend play

For children to develop excellent imaging skills, they need to engage in lots of pretend play, which involves as much senses as possible — sight, hearing, smell, touch and feeling. Today, the boys “visited Disneyland” with Vee being the Mickey mascot (wearing his handmade mask). Then I’d to be the bad guy (again!) who kidnapped …

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Outdoor water play (Singapore Science Centre)

Kids spent 1 hour at the Singapore Science Centre Waterworks area, exploring various water dynamics. I observe what Dr. Maria Montessori observed — young children enjoy repetition of work (related to their sensitive period) until they reach mastery. And they enjoy concrete sensorial learning through purposeful play. Someday when they learn Physics, these outdoor water …

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How much play time?

I believe in the value of play and strongly guard my kids’ play time. How much play time? Lots and lots… Play includes both structured and non-structured play. Generally, structured play: is guided by the caregiver or instructor has specific learning objectives Many Montessori activities (for e.g. Pink Tower, Knobbed Cylinders) and Shichida or right …

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