[Montessori Practical Life] Packing luggage

Yippee, it’s the school holidays!

The older kids have been learning to pack their own travelling stuff.

Last year, Vee forgot to pack his underwear for an entire trip. Good natural consequence — now he remembers it every. single. time.

So for the upcoming trip, I just had to tell the older boys how many days we’d be off.

We estimated the number of sets of going out clothes, underwear (!) and indoor / sleeping clothes. Then they dug the stuff out and let me pack into one big vacuum bag each.

They prepared some on-the-go activities, such as puzzles, games and stationery.

Finally, they reminded me to pack their socks, slippers and vitamins and we’re good to go.

Happy holidays!

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2 thoughts on “[Montessori Practical Life] Packing luggage”

  1. Hi Mie Vee,

    Thank you very much for all your sharing , i learn from you.Currently my son was 14mo , we are trying to let him be more independence , so we let him help us to carry his chair , take / find something for us (because he likes to take our staff to play ) , throw rubbish for us… we are very surprise with his mature in complete all kinds of action he make , as for himself was smile in happily. From his smile told me that he is very happy with his development.Can you suggest me some activity that i can help him in his current stage now?

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Susan Chau

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