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[Activities] 10 Things We Did During The Haze

Ever since the haze worsened last week, Jae has been having a slight yet persistent cough, so I’ve been voluntarily keeping the older kids away from school. So it’s homeschool time for 3 kids again. What are some things we’ve been doing?

  1. Simple Science experiments & math demonstrations following the school textbook topics on mass, mixtures etc.
  2. DIY motor car 🚗 kit (shared earlier here)
  3. Sewing five stones
  4. Independent reading 📖 at their reading levels
  5. Reading aloud 📚 and discussion sessions
  6. Learning about the Sept 11 incident just before its anniversary by watching documentaries on YouTube and having discussions
  7. Learning about air pollution, its causes, its impact on lives, and being grateful to have a safe place to live away from school 🏫
  8. Revising for upcoming school exams (Vee); general revision (Jae) 📝
  9. Playing board games and card games such as checkers
  10. Indoor exercises such as skipping, and throwing and catching soft objects

With Vee and Jae at home, youngest El hangs around us, works with Montessori materials or plays freely.

Our biggest challenge is having to cancel all outdoor sports activities yet ensure the active kids get their dose of workout indoors. I certainly hope the haze goes away real soon. Take care, everyone!

~ MieVee 😷

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