productive screen time

Productive screen time

Vee, Jae and El are generally occupied with structured and free choice screen-free activities throughout the day and have very little screen time.

However these few days, Jae (7y10m) has been on my laptop at 7+ am for 1 hour to set test papers! 😅

Previously, he has been copying or making up questions for his siblings to do. Then finally he asked to borrow my laptop for typing. Since it’s a productive (rather than consumptive) use, I’m happy to do so.

I set up a user account with these parental controls:

  • applications and websites that he can access
  • maximum usage duration (1 hour per day for now)
  • access time periods (e.g. 7 am – 8 pm. Otherwise this early bird would wake up at 6+ am to work!)

Happy producing with tech!

~ MieVee

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