[Engineering] Building a mini wind-powered car

Due to a persistent cough from the serious haze, Jae (7y10m) has been staying home the whole week. He received a Science kit for his last birthday and we finally got to fix it today.

It’s a simple and interesting kit where he explored questions like:

  • Why does the car slow down when turning?
  • Why does it reverse when we swop the wires for the battery compartment?
  • Didi meddled with the wires! Why are the blades turning but the car is not moving? (Answer below)
  • Is it going to fly?

Since he has thrown the box away some time back, I don’t have the product details, so you may try searching for “diy motor car kit” at major online stores.

You may check out the examples at Amazon here:

Happy building and learning!

~ MieVee

Answer: The propeller blades are turning in opposite directions.

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