[Printable] Numbers & Words Card Game (0 to 10,000)

Vee is starting on Singapore Math – My Pals are Here primary 1 books. So far, he’s been learning Math using the Shichida Method (from 1 year old), the Montessori Method (from 4 years old), and through daily experiences. I’m using My Pals are Here to observe how he takes to textbook and workbook-style learning.

The first chapter covers Numbers and Words from 0 to 10. I followed the game suggestion and created a set of game cards.

As an extension, I also created the cards for 11 to 19, 20 to 100 (skipping by 10), 1000 and 10000. (Vee loves big numbers!)

In addition, there’s a control card so that the child may refer to it when playing the games. This way, she can self-correct instead of needing someone else to point out her error.

You may download the free printables at the end of this post.

Some ways to use the game cards:

  • Shichida senses play (e.g. guess where’s 8?)
  • Memory games
  • Montessori: Match word to corresponding number

Vee enjoyed playing the photo-memory games with me. We lay 1 set of cards out on a mat, take a look at them for several seconds, flip all the cards over, then try to find matching pairs.

You may play with as few or as many pairs as your child likes. For instance, a toddler may play with 3 pairs first, then more as she’s ready.

Note that you’d need to print on thicker paper or stick paper on cardstock before laminating. This way, you can’t see the numbers / words when the cards are flipped over.

Have fun! 🙂

Download the free printables here:

P.S. Click here for more printables: Resources

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