[Math] Blending right brain & Montessori math

After breakfast, I introduced Vee to a new math activity. A list of simple equations to work out mentally through imaging / memory / intuition (right brain), then check with DIY Montessori hundred board (my free printable is here) and counters.

He loves it and blasted through nearly 3 worksheets. He worked mentally, while I arranged the counters for checking, aiming to be faster than me.

Now, he’s convinced that mental math is much faster than using manipulatives.

Little Vee started learning right brain math through dot flashcards at 10 months old.

For bridging to real experiences, we often do dot practice during snack time using cereal flakes and o-cereal.

Dot practice here means recognising quantity by sight and the 4 basic math operations.

Dr. Maria Montessori highlighted that zero is an important concept, so when the bowl is empty, I’d emphasise “1 – 1 = 0. Zero means empty, no more.”

When he was about 4, I introduced him to Montessori math, working with number rods, counters and beads. (With 3 kids to handle, we moved very slowly with Montessori math. Often, I’ve to hide the counters and beads for months because of a baby who’s mouthing everything.)

Right brain math blended with Montessori has given Vee a very strong foundation in understanding quantity and the relationship among numbers, and is able to visualise quantity in his mind. This allows him to grasp new math concepts with ease.

That’s one beauty of starting right brain math early with a baby or toddler who absorbs like a sponge. When he’s eventually of schooling age, he saves lots of time learning and practising.

Have fun with math!


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