Right brain & Montessori math [Part 2]

Here’s another simple activity that blends right brain and Montessori math...

1. Use a thick marker pen to write numerals on small pieces of card stock. Jae and I worked on 0 to 10 first.

Make 2 sets of such cards.

2. Invite the child to stick the corresponding number of dot stickers onto the reverse side of 1 set of the cards.

dot stickers on cards

I told Jae how many stickers are needed on each card, and he counted while sticking.

For a child who isn’t counting yet, you may use a pen to mark where the stickers should go to, then let the child stick onto them.

3. Play matching game: match the number of dots to the numerals.

In right brain math, the child is encouraged to recognise quantity by sight (subitising) instead of counting.

Control of error (self-checking): flip the cards over to see if the numerals match.

dot stickers and numerals

In case you’re new to right brain math, why encourage subitising (or even estimation) over counting?

This excerpt from NRICH sums it up:

“If mental strategies such as these are to be encouraged (and just counting discouraged) then an element of speed is necessary. Seeing the objects for only a few seconds challenges the mind to find strategies other than counting. It is also important to have children reflect on and share their strategies (Presmeg, 1986; Mason, 1992).”

In a gist, the objectives of using various types of math dot flash cards and doing math dot practice is to develop a good number sense and to increase speed in doing math.

Have fun teaching math!


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