Molecules model set

[Science] Introduction to atoms & molecules

El (5y6m) has been really into Science recently. Today, he chose the atoms and molecules set from the shelf and asked for a lesson on how to build carbon dioxide. I showed him and then we moved to building water, oxygen and other simple molecules. While we were at the water molecule, he built two …

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Home Practice B2B Workshop

[New Workshop] Home Practice Back to Basics (B2B)

Want to learn how to support your child’s learning and give him/her a head start at school and in life? Want to learn tested easy-to-use home practice activities? Want to know how to guide your child effectively even when you have only 15 minutes with him/her? And get support from a group of parents as enthusiastic …

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[Idea] Kids play peacefully when mum showers

Homeschooling means the kids are stuck with me the entire day, so I need to be creative in managing them. Here’s how I get my post-exercise morning shower done in peace… Mum: Children, mummy is going to shower now. El, please come into the room. I’d be locking up for a while. Jae, please play …

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[Mindfulness & Meditation] What Parents Must Know

For years, my children and I have been practising some forms of meditation in a science-based non-religious way. Recent scientific studies are confirming the benefits, something that all parents and teachers must know. Mindfulness vs Meditation To clear things up, this is a brief explanation of mindfulness and meditation, which are different: Mindfulness: an awareness …

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[Reading] Fun memory game created by Jae

We love playing memory games and Jae (5y3m) just created a new version that may thrill your little one while he’s learning to read. The Progressive Phonics free printables include memory game cards to help in remembering the words through a fun way. Usually, I’d arrange the cards in neat rows and columns, which is …

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[Practical Life] Baking cheese sticks

Today, Jae (5y4m) and El (3y3m) helped to prepare their snacks: wholemeal cheese sticks. The recipe is from Right from the Start written by my good friend, Daisy Ng. It happened that I bought too many packs of frozen Kawan parathas by mistake, and have almost all the ingredients on hand, so this recipe was …

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Gigo toys

[Educational toys] Gigo Junior Engineer & Story Line

During the final 2 weeks of the school holidays, we were busy visiting Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan. We love getting Taiwan-made educational toys at attractive prices. Today’s post shall introduce you to Gigo Junior Engineer and Story Line series… The children have been enjoying their 3 boxes of Junior Engineer toys for several years. We’ve got …

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