New Products at Owlissimo

Great news! Our online shop (Owlissimo) has been updated with new products and services: Home Practice Intensive eWorkshop – Basic: For parents who are located all over the world & are unable to attend my live workshops Video Call: For parents who still need guidance after the eWorkshop & email support Math / Singapore math …

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memory note-taking rubik's cube notes

[Memory] Note-taking skill

In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus published his famous forgetting curve — we tend to start forgetting what we learn within twenty minutes, and the loss is significant through the first hour 🕐. To retain the information, effective note-taking and regular revision of notes are critical. I believe investing the time and effort to create excellent notes …

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homeschool planning sheet clipboard

[Printable] Tracking child’s learning progress

For almost 7 years, I’ve been spending a few minutes daily tracking each child’s learning progress using clipboards and a personalised template. This comes up to less than 15 minutes for 3 children and the Daddy often jokes that I look like a doctor taking patient notes. I first learnt to do this from Karen …

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iq maths for preschoolers math patterning

[Math] Achievement through patterning skills

Research has found that preschoolers’ ability to spot mathematical patterns can predict mathematical achievement at a later age, more than other math and non-math skills. (Rittle-Johnson et. al, 2016) Recently, El (5y11m) enjoys solving math puzzles. We use the same gorgeous Casco books that the older kids have used before. The kids write their solutions in …

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learning resources math balance 2

[Activities] 10 Things We Did During The Haze

Ever since the haze worsened last week, Jae has been having a slight yet persistent cough, so I’ve been voluntarily keeping the older kids away from school. So it’s homeschool time for 3 kids again. What are some things we’ve been doing? Simple Science experiments & math demonstrations following the school textbook topics on mass, …

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[Memorisation Kit] An example using Chinese poem

According to Harvard Business Review, these are the benefits of poetry for professionals: 1. Systems thinking: simplify complex topics to better communicate it to others2. Develop empathy3. Develop creativity4. Infuse life with beauty and meaning “The precision of poetry teaches greater sensitivity to language, which frequent readers of poetry carry into their own writing and …

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