Shichida flashcards & photographic memory games at Owlissimo

  • Wish to do right brain home practice yet have little or no time to make materials?
  • How about saving hundreds of hours making materials?
  • Want to get your child to love doing home practice and won’t let you miss a session?
  • Need live demonstrations on how to effectively flash cards and play memory games?

Great news today! I’ve founded Owlissimo to help you along with home practice. Find out the juicy details at the link below:

>>>Click here now

May you easily unleash your child’s potential!



P.S. After completing the survey with 150+ of you last month, I finally took the plunge to found Owlissimo. Thank you to all of you who completed the survey and gave me encouraging feedback.

>>>Go to Owlissimo’s first page now

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