Easy musical note cards

4+yo Jae is learning about musical notes, so I adapted this idea from Vee’s previous teacher.

musical notes cards musical notes cards

  • A4 card stock: cut into 8 pieces each
  • write note on each card, using thick rounded-tip black marker pen (you may use red too)
  • make 2 or 4 of each note so that you can play games (clap / hit with sticks / say rhythm aloud etc.) E.g. tahn – tahn – tahn – shh
  • use a library card holder to hold the cards

I’ve no music background and often get the full / half rests mixed up, so I need to write the names behind the cards for self-checking.

It takes me only several minutes to whip these cards up. Much faster than using a computer.

Best of all, the kids love them!

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