[Grit] Practice makes perfect

Practice, practice, practice… This is what I remind my kids to do if they wish to get better at something. It’s about developing grit.

Kids learn best from our actions (instead of words only), so I’ve been showing them through…

Baking muffins!

For the past 2 months, I’ve been baking healthy kids’ muffins nearly every week in order to master the art of it. Finally today I got it near-perfect…

Type of ingredients, proportion, oven temperature, height of tray, length of time, how to cool down, etc.

The kids watch me practise week after week and they experience the improvements through tasting the outcome.

So when they hit an obstacle during their learning journey (be it Shichida, Montessori, music or something else), I can relate this muffin-baking analogy to them and they can “get it”.

Of course you don’t need to bake muffins. Just engage in an activity that shows your child you’re practising hard to achieve a learning goal and display the never-say-die attitude.

They learn more from our actions than our words.

Another way is to use their past successes to remind them how practising has helped them to improve and achieve their learning goals.

“Remember you couldn’t do ______ at first? Then after practising over _____ days / weeks / months, you finally succeeded?”

Learning will only get more challenging with age, so let’s keep encouraging our little ones that practice makes perfect.

Keep going!

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