Heguru (right brain school from Japan) lands in Singapore

On a long waiting list for Shichida classes in Singapore? Good news for you: Heguru Method (a right brain development school which also originates from Japan) has landed in Singapore.

About Heguru

Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL), pronounced as ”Heguru”, manages the single largest right brain development school in Japan with students from Tokyo and 25 other prefectures. Through over 30 years, they have developed an educational programme, which includes an extensive 86 categories of courses, spanning from pre-natal to senior high school years.

HEGL’s vision is for parents to enjoy raising their children and to assist parents to develop and harness their children’s innate potential. HEGL hopes to develop children to become future great leaders and be able to make a meaningful contribution to society.

(Source: Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionpolis)

Heguru Japan website is here.

Why Heguru?

Our family uses the Shichida right brain development method, so why am I writing about Heguru? Reasons:

  1.  My fellow blogger friend, Shen-Li (author of Figur8.net), sends her children to a Heguru centre in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. From our conversations and her sharing on her blog, I understand that Heguru is a true-blue right brain development method.
  2. One of founders of a Heguru centre starting in Singapore is my friend. Before she started this business venture, I gave her my input on what I knew about Heguru. I’m glad that she has made this a reality.
  3. I wish to see many more parents and children benefiting from true-blue right brain development methods, which (in my opinion) include the Shichida and Heguru methods.

About Heguru Singapore

There are 3 Singapore franchisees appointed by HEGL (Heguru) in Japan. This means the 3 Heguru centres in Singapore are operated by different owners and managed by different principals. The teachers are trained directly by HEGL Japan founder, Mrs Ruiko Henmi.

These are the centres (click on link to be directed to the centre’s website):

  1. Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis
  2. Heguru Education Centre @ Eunos
  3. Heguru Center Pte Ltd @ Novena

Heguru @ Fusionopolis

I’m introducing this centre to you because the senior programme instructor, Mrs. Rachel Pei, is my friend. Some highlights:

  • The owners include mothers who have personally conducted right brain training on their children.
  • The Principal, Mrs. Agnes Ng, is currently pursuing a Masters Programme in NIE with a specialized focus on the educational development of children, age 0 – 8 years. Her scope of study includes modules in Gifted Education, Special Needs Early Intervention, Assessments as well as Curriculum Planning. She is also a mother of two toddlers and have been actively exposing her children to right-brain training.
  • The Vice-Principal, Mrs. Claire Ng, had been teaching in one of the top government primary schools in Singapore for a period of seven years prior to joining Agnes and her team at Heguru Method. Her vision is to see young children in Singapore benefiting from the tangible results achieved through professionally delivered right brain training methodology.

To find out more about the centre, teachers and curriculum, you may check out the Parents Information Sessions to be held on 22, 23, 29 and 30 December 2012. Classes will be starting from 3 Jan 2013.

Details are at Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis here.

May you and your child benefit from early right brain education!

P.S. When the opportunity arises, we’d try to attend a trial class for a more detailed review.

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this write-up. The senior programme instructor of this centre, Mrs. Rachel Pei, is my friend.

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4 thoughts on “Heguru (right brain school from Japan) lands in Singapore”

  1. Hi,

    I have been following your blog and have learnt so much from you. So I would like to say a big thank you first!

    I am writing to ask your opinion on the difference shichida and this heguru. I have been sending my daughter to shichida. When you wrote “true-blue right brain developments”, does this mean heguru is the better method developing right brain? Should I then be exploring heguru as the better choice?

    1. mievee @ mummyshomeschool.com

      Hi Arielle, thank you for following my blog! Both Shichida and Heguru are true-blue right brain development programmes. There’re slight differences, but not enough to say one is better than the other.

      Shichida and Heguru are based on largely similar principles. We’ve attended Heguru, so only have an idea based on reading up and hearing what our friends say.

      Some comparisons:
      – flashcards (Heguru at higher speed than Shichida)

      – Mandala activities (Heguru starts this early, even for <3 years old. Shichida starts this later. Vee is in 3+ years old class, still not started yet.)

      - pre-class relaxation (Shichida has energy ball, blowing / breathing and imaging exercises before starting class. Important before each home practice session, helps to tune into right brain mode. Not sure about Heguru.)

      - Parents Education Course (After 2 weeks of class, Shichida requires parent to attend this 3-hr session to understand its method. Given Parents Handbook explaining method and home practice in detail. Conducted by Singapore / KL principal, Mrs. Jocelyn Khoo. Not sure about Heguru.)

      - Home Practice Sharing session / Genius sharing session etc (Shichida: regularly holds such sessions to assist parents with home practice. Not sure about Heguru.)

      - Ready-made materials for home practice (Shichida has Tensai store that sells a wide range of materials to aid in home practice, mostly designed by Mrs. Khoo. Good quality and true-blue right brain training. Not sold to non-students to ensure correct usage. Heguru doesn't sell much ready materials.)

      Personally, Shichida is my first choice, partly because the centre is very near my house. If Shichida is not available for us, I think Heguru is a good option too.

      Hope this helps.

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