[Memory] Boost memory with this special technique

Vee is 10 years old and has much more to learn and remember across various subjects. At this age, he also needs to build a voluminous vocabulary in order to read higher-level texts and write well.

Recently, a good friend and I found out about memorisation sets, which likely originated from Japan.

memorisation sets from Daiso

How it works

  1. Highlight key word / phrase with red highlighter
  2. Cover the page with green filter plastic. The highlighted word / phrase becomes black.
  3. (Active recall) Recall the word / phrase
  4. (Control of error) Remove the plastic to check answer


  • Highlight complementary part such as the definition in green highlighter. Cover with red filter plastic to actively recall this part.

While in Japan recently, I bought the whole range of memorisation sets from Daiso. Exciting! 🤩

Vee has been using this low-cost, time-saving, fun yet effective method to beef up his Bahasa Melayu and English vocabulary over the past week. He’s also fascinated by the filtering of light.

Similar kits are available in Taobao. Just search for “暗记笔”. Happy teaching and learning!

~ MieVee

P.S. If only I had these as a student…!

P.P.S. Read more about active recall here

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